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Shantiniketan is one of the youngest and most modern colleges at the Sri Venkateswara University. It has developed its own traditions and identity, focusing on personal attention to the .........


This is an association, which has a direct link with old students to interact with the present students of the college. The objective of this association is to provide information about every activity of the college. This association is a link between the institution and the generation of students who have passed through its portals. Shantiniketan Institute of Technology considers it their privilege to associate themselves with their alma mater, and this Association makes it possible. The Ex- Shantiniketan Institute of Technology students are there in every sphere of the nation's life, shining in their quest for excellence and contributing in various fields.

Policy for Alumni:

  • The alumni are allowed to make use of the library facilities at a nominal fee of Rs 1,000 per year.
  • Alumni who wish to borrow books have to pay an annual fee of Rs 500/- fee and a refundable deposit of Rs 2,000/-
  • Alumni are required to show the Alumni ID before they are allowed to enter the Library or borrow books.
  • Alumni are permitted to borrow up to two (2) books from the Open Shelf for up to 2 weeks (14 days).

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