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Shantiniketan’s library contains a rich source of books and journals. It is central to students' learning and hence its resources must be protected to ensure its continual availability to the whole College community. By your entering the library premise, it is taken to imply that you understand and are agreeable to abide by all the Library Rules and Regulations If you do not wish to abide by ALL the rules, and then refrain from using the Library.

Rules & Regulations

1. Entry into the Library:

  • Only lecturers (faculty and adjunct), staff, students, and alumni of Shantiniketan College are allowed entry into the Library. (Outsiders are not allowed into the Library unless escorted by Shantiniketan staff members.)
  • Students must deposit their Student ID card with the Librarian and bags at the designated place.
  • Students with no Student ID cards are not allowed to enter.
  • The Librarian is not accountable for any missing items from a student's bag.
2. Exit from the Library:
  • The Librarian will perform a check of all materials to be taken out. This include all forms of bags (such as hand bag, back pack, pouch), files, folders, books, notebooks etc.
  • Student ID card and bag will be returned after the check.
  • If you do not like your bags being checked, then do not bring it into the Library.
3. Books from the Open-Shelf Section (can be taken out):
  • All active students are allowed to borrow a maximum of two (2) books at a time for duration of 7 days (including weekends, college holidays, hardals, etc). However, students who have completed at least 30 credits are eligible to borrow up to three (3) books at a time.
  • Renewal of a book loan is allowed only if there is no reservation by another student.
  • Reservation of books can be made with the Librarian. The Librarian will inform you once the item is available in the library.
  • A penalty of Rs.2 per day will be levied on overdue books. Overdue books must be returned within seven (7) days (inclusive of weekend or public holidays) after the due date. If the book is still not returned after the grace period, the student will be barred from using the library facilities until the book has been returned, and the dues paid for.
  • Items that are not returned within three (3) weeks of the date due are presumed lost. The library will initiate to acquire a new book of the same type and value that the student has to pay. (Refer to Item 9 Replacement for Damaged or Lost Items below for details.)
4. Books from the Red-Spot (marked with a Red-Dot) and Reference (marked with REF) sections (Not be taken out):
  • Students are allowed to borrow only one (1) Red-Spot book at a time for a maximum time of two (2) hours.
  • A penalty of 50 NP per 10 minutes will be levied on all overdue books.
  • enewal of a book is allowed only if there is no reservation by another student.
  • Reservation of books can be made with the Librarian up to one day in advance.
  • Only one (1) reservation at a time is allowed per student.
5. Periodicals, journals, magazines, and newspapers can only be read in the Library. These are non-circulating items.
6. Book loans by Faculty and Adjunct staff:
  • The lecturer must sign the Lecturer-Record book.
  • Adjunct faculties are permitted to borrow up to a total of Three (3) books from the Open Shelf and one Book from Red-Spot sections.
  • There is no restriction on the type of books which the Faculty staff can borrow.
  • The items may be borrowed for up to 3 months, subject to recall by the library.
7. Items Recall:
  • The College reserves the rights to recall an item, whether it be books, journals, etc. any time when needed.
  • When the item is being recalled, the borrower has to return the item within two (2) working days. The borrower who fails to do so will forfeit the right to use the library, until the item is returned.
8. Replacement for Damaged or Lost Items:
  • If the books that you borrow are torn or soiled in any manners, the borrower has to reimburse the College with a new book of the same type and value.
  • Items that are not returned within 3 weeks of the date due are presumed lost and the borrower has to reimburse the College with a new book of the same type and value.
  • Borrower forfeits the right to borrow until the book has been replaced, and/or the requisite library deposit has been topped up. In addition, their academic results will be withheld.
  • Replacement by Library The library will issue a notice to cover the replacement cost (including fines already incurred up to the date on which the item was reported lost). Patrons are responsible for the processing fee charge of Rs.200 in addition to the cost of replacement item.
  • The cost of replacing the lost item(s) will be based on the current market price plus all the ancillary charges incurred, such as courier charge, packaging cost, bank charge etc. In this case, the College may use the borrower's library deposit to purchase this book, and the borrower will then have to top up the requisite library deposit. The rights of the borrower for using the library facilities will only be restored after the person has top up the deposit.
  • Replacement by Patrons upon reporting the item lost, if the patrons intend to source the replacement for the item by themselves, they will need to notify the library, by writing, within a week about the sourcing. If the items can be sourced from the local market, patrons will need to replace the book within 5 days from the date the patron reported it lost. If the item are ordered from overseas or out of stock within the country, the procedure will take place same as ordering new book, which takes up to one month. Failure to fulfill the replacement within the period, Library will impose the Replacement by Library's procedure above. All the fines must be pay for. Upon replacement, borrower may keep the old / torn copy after cancellation of the item by the Librarian.
9. Cancellation of Borrowing Privileges:
  • Borrowing privileges will be cancelled if a borrower uses them irresponsibly (e.g., by lending a library card to another individual, by damaging books, by failing to replace a lost item, by failing to pay fines, or by failing to top up the requisite deposit). In this situation, borrowers are also barred from using all the Library facilities.
10. PC Terminals in Library:
  • These terminals may be used for accessing public mail/chat/SMS servers.
  • All the College rules on the use of IT resources apply.
11. Conduct in Library:
  • General principle: maintain quietness.
  • R3.3 and R3.4A are designated as study area. Hence, quietness must be maintained at all time.
  • Quiet discussions are allowed at the library concourse.
  • Students cannot hoard/book a table or cubicle by putting his/her personal belongings there. If the table or cubicle is vacant for 30 minutes, other student has the right to use that particular table/cubicle.
  • No food or drinks are allowed.
  • Cell phones and other communication devices must be switched off at all time.

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