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Rules & Regulations

Students must always conduct themselves in a responsible and considerate manner. Conduct that is deemed to be detrimental to the credibility of the individual or the image of the college will not be acceptable. Lecture theatres, classrooms and tutorial rooms must be kept clean at all times. Littering is strictly prohibited. No food or flavoured drinks are allowed to be consumed in the college premises except the college canteen. Students are not allowed to represent the college in any external activities (sports, games, competitions, etc.) organized by external agencies or individuals unless official consent has been granted by the college or the teacher advisor. Students denying this rule will be severely dealt with and would be made to withdraw from the event immediately. Students are not allowed to use the college facilities for unofficial events with/for outsiders without official permission from the college administration

  • Ignorance of the college rules and regulations is not an acceptable reason/excuse.
  • It is the prerogative of the Discipline Committee or the people empowered by the college to meet out whatever disciplinary actions deemed fit against any student(s) caught breaching any of the college rules or any other offences committed inside or outside of the college.
  • In cases where students fail to meet the academic standards of the College, SITECH College reserves the right to place students on probation, on academic leave, or to dismiss them from the College. Monitoring students' academic standing and progress is the responsibility of the Academic Standing Committee.
  • In considering students' academic situations, the committee treats each student's case on its merits. It may consider courses attempted, credits and grades earned and the trend of performance.

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